End of Life Option in Pasadena

End With Dignity gives competent adults with a terminal condition the ability to obtain a prescription for medication that would allow them to die quickly and peacefully.

We’re helping shape a reality where people can explore their wishes towards the end of life. Guiding you on the California Aid-In-Dying Law & supporting you on the journey!

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    End-of-Life Care Options

    Helping a loved one with a terminal illness can be one of life’s most challenging times. Coming to the end of one’s life brings with it so many questions and emotions that it can feel very overwhelming.

    Perhaps you have tried hospice care and found it unsatisfying. Therefore, it may be comforting to know that there are other options available to you and your family. 

    Perhaps you have also not heard yet about the end-of-life option act that provides options for those living in Pasadena?

    Here at End With Dignity, we are a resource for terminally ill patients and their families. We are here to pr competent adults who have a terminal condition the ability to obtain a prescription for medication that will allow them to die quickly and peacefully. It is called the California End of Life Option Act.

    California End of Life Option Act

     Enacted in 2016 and updated in 2022, end-of-life options help residents in Pasadena to see dignity in your final days. Our services help people to have as much control over their life and their death as possible at this time. Doctors can now support Medical Aid in Dying, which has been a great help to so many residents of Pasadena.

    Terminally ill patients often have many questions and confusion as to what options are available to them. End With Dignity serves as a resource center for all individuals in Pasadena looking to end their suffering by opting for an end-of-life option act.

    Qualifying for Medical Aid in Dying in Pasadena

    All of the following must apply

    At least 18 years of age

    Considered a resident of California

    Mentally competent with decision-making capacity

    Have a terminal condition with a life-expectancy of six months or less

    Able to ingest the medication of their own volition

    Pasadena Medical Aid in Dying

    The patient who obtains the MAID (medical aid in dying) medication is the one who will determine if it is ever taken or not.

    Some patients never take the medication, but just knowing it is there is often the greatest comfort they have. There is no one who will mandate or demand that it is taken.


    Empathetic Support in Pasadena

    As you approach this final stage of life, you likely have many questions that demand answers. Including: 

    • Does my insurance cover this type of end-of-life option?

    • Where can I take the medication?

    • Should I involve my family?

    • Are there other Pasadena medical aid-in-dying options available to me?

    Certified Professionals

    You will find all the answers to your questions when you partner with End With Dignity. We can show you what to expect with palliative care, hospice care, comfort care, and gaining relief from pain and the mental and emotional stresses that come from a terminal illness.

    End With Dignity has helped countless patients and their families like you to avail themselves of this option – the California end-of-life option act. Even if your doctor is currently not on board, we are here to help you to find a physician who has your best interests at heart.

    Over the years, families have consistently sought us out for two primary reasons – because they cannot find a doctor to help them with aid in dying or because they have heard of our excellent reputation and all that we do in walking beside the terminally ill in their final months and weeks of life.

    Let Our Resources Be Your Best Guide

    At End With Dignity, we want you to be as well informed about the choices you have as with any other choice you make in life. 

    Our mission has always been to promote high-quality and compassionate care for all those who are nearing the end of their natural life.

    Our services include aid in dying through the end-of-life care options in Pasadena. We are here for you on an ongoing basis for empathetic support, and our end-of-life team is qualified and educated to provide you with whatever end-of-life care options you wish to undertake.

    No one should walk this path alone. There is never a reason to do so. End-of-life options in Pasadena are all available to you and your family that enable you to make the choice best for your circumstances. 

    Hospice care undertaken by End With Dignity provides you with a peaceful and compassionate hospice team who will assist you in your journey as we help you to define your goals and explain all of your options. 

    Contact us today and let us give you guidance with grace as you look toward your end-of-life options.

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    Our Services

    End of Life Option

    We are completely prepared, qualified, and educated to assist our patients with the End of Life Act without judgments or personal opinions.

    Hospice Care

    Hospice can be a great accompaniment to the Medical Aid in Dying Journey. Our team is dedicated to helping you use all the resources available to best navigate this journey.

    Spiritual Counseling

    End with Dignity specialists work closely with patients to understand their worries and fears and focus on helping them find strength, love, and peace when it matters most.