End of Life Option Act

We’re helping shape a reality where people can explore their wishes towards the end of life. Guiding you on the California Aid-In-Dying Law & supporting you on the journey!

AID in Dying

The End of Life Option Act is obtainable for terminally ill adults who see their suffering too great or their quality of life too poor. This option allows them to request and obtain a prescription for medication to end their lives in the most peaceful way possible.

Empathetic Support

End with Dignity recognizes the patient’s right to choose what is best for them, and while we neither actively encourage nor reject the use of the Act, we strongly support the patient’s right to decide.

Certified Professionals

Our end-of-life professionals are ready, qualified, and educated to provide any End of Life care options available, including End of Life Option Care Act without judgments or personal opinions.

Why Choice Matters

At the end of a person’s life, it can feel like there aren’t many choices and suffering may seem unavoidable, but having choices gives us power and we can give you exactly that, the power to choose.  If you’d like to know what your options are, the team at End with Dignity is here to guide you through and make this experience as seamless as possible.

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Our Services

End of Life Option

We are completely prepared, qualified, and educated to assist our patients with the End of Life Act without judgments or personal opinions.


Hospice Care

Hospice can be a great accompaniment to the Medical Aid in Dying Journey. Our team is dedicated to helping you use all the resources available to best navigate this journey.

Spiritual Counseling

End with Dignity specialists work closely with patients to understand their worries and fears and focus on helping them find strength, love, and peace when it matters most.

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